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Launch is an innovative leader in the family entertainment industry. We are more than a trampoline park bringing new and exciting attractions to our locations, focusing on guest experience and promoting a positive, forward-thinking company culture. Investing in Launch is more than joining a franchise or owning a family entertainment center, we are a family and a community built on the unique abilities and experiences that every single person brings to the table.


Launch is built around a team that is driven to provide world-class action parks. We are dedicated to being industry leaders in attractions and experiences by embracing technology and the speed of innovation. Our parks are not just a business, but a space where families come together to create lasting memories. The Launch corporate team is dedicated to providing each franchisee with the opportunity to succeed financially and professionally.


Dan is the managing partner in a Real Estate Investment Group. Historically, Dan’s group has done very well in the retail space, but in the last 5 years he has found himself stuck with un-fillable vacancies. Dan is able to leverage his Real Estate to fund the buildout of multiple parks. Dan wants nothing to do with managing a park and is willing to pay Launch Corporate an additional management fee so he can be hands-off.

Upside for Dan
- Business income from Launch
- Rental income from Launch
- Relieving his group of the co-tenant vacancy clauses that significantly reduce the rental income he receives from anchor tenants
Steven is a self-made businessman who has been adept at seeing business opportunities in the past and turning them into profit centers. Steven takes a hands-on approach to all of his businesses and has built a high performing operations team that is hungry for additional opportunity. Once he gets one location off the ground, he takes a backseat approach to managing them.

Steven has never bought into a franchise before. The Launch opportunity excited him when he took his children to a local park. He understands business but needs to be educated on how franchise systems work and how Launch could be his next big venture.

Upside for Steven
- Business income from Launch
- Ability to leverage his existing operations team
- Diversification of his business portfolio
Mitch is a successful businessman who has had a string of successful franchise businesses in the past. He just sold his third franchise business and is in the market for something new. In the past, he’s dealt in smaller franchise operations with mobile bases, like commercial cleaning and auto glass repair. He now wants to graduate to a location-based franchise that has big ROI potential and offers a fun environment for his children. Mark is the type of franchise owner who may not be on location everyday, but he is keenly aware of what's going on at his park. Mitch relies heavily on managers and likes the remote management capabilities that Launch offers. Unlike other personas, Mark already knows he wants to start a franchise and understand the benefits of an established system.

Upside for Mitch
- Larger ROI
- Fun opportunity for his family
Rick and Rachel are passionate about their family and are looking to start a business that will help them make money as well as promote physical fitness for children. Rick and Rachel have executive-level full-time jobs and are tired of the “rat race." Although both Rick and Rachel know the inner workings of managing a team and running someone else’s business, neither of them have owned a business before, so investing in a proven franchise system makes a lot of sense. They plan on being very hands-on with the business and will be overseeing day-to-day operations while being amazing community partners. They are interested in learning about all aspects of the franchise business including financing. 

Upside for Rick and Rachel
- Satisfying the dream of having their own business
- Opportunity to give back to their communities
- Great financial returns


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